Hp calculator app for mac

For lots of calculations, setting up a spreadsheet is just too fiddly and time-consuming. Calculators are tremendously efficient when the work requires only a handful of operations rather than hundreds. A good calculator app on your phone can save you a lot of time. But even after eliminating those from consideration, there are still a ridiculous number of calculators available for the iPhone.

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How can you choose the best one? Just listen to me. Discover how to improve your workflows and get more focus with this free, in-depth guide to productivity. It has to be a real app, not an emulation of a physical calculator. This is not a complaint about skeuomorphism.

The Best Calculator App

It has to be actively developed. No graphing component. Apps like Graphicus can be very useful, especially to students, but our focus here is on efficient calculation, not visualization.

Get a TI-84 Calculator on Your PC/Mac for FREE!! (HD)

It cannot rely on an internet connection. Calca is an interesting idea, and I can see it being very useful on a device with a keyboard, but typing out calculations on an iPhone is inefficient and having extra rows of keys leaves too little room for the display.

HP reincarnates calculators on iPhone, Windows - CNET

No gimmicks. Personally, I could never go back to the Apple calculator. There are also some slightly hidden goodies. For example, the return key lets you choose a line reference, the division key lets you do modulo division, and the percent key gives you a few ways of using percentages.

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  5. The main problem with Soulver, from my point of view, is that its scientific operators—the trig functions, powers, roots, and so on—are on a secondary keyboard. The original 12c or 15c calculators also provided useful formulas and references on the back.

    iPhone app mimics old mechanical HP calculator

    The company has preserved this popular feature in software: The company is also releasing similar software calculators for Windows. HP representatives told Macworld that the company is considering bringing other classic models to the iPhone, depending on how well these apps do. Corrected misstatement about HP 12c Platinum being discontinued. It is still available.

    HP Prime Virtual Calculator for MacOS

    RLM Software puts its stamp on classic calculators. HP's 12c calculator turns 30 with anniversary edition. Change Apple Watch app grid to list view.