Best mac laptop for college 2014

It's pretty easy to buy a MacBook: You pick one on the Apple website or store that fits your budget, and you're set. But if you dig a little deeper into a laptop's product page, you can find customizable options for certain specs, like the processor, storage space, and RAM. It's perfect for tweaking a laptop's specs to better fit your needs and budget.

Apple For example, you can tweak the cheapest MacBook Pro with extra performance specs that propose great value against more expensive models.

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Going into those tweaking details isn't for everyone, so I've done it for you! This guide should help you find which Apple laptop fits within your budget according to what kind of user you are, whether you use lightweight apps, have several open browser tabs and apps, or you're a power user who needs top performance. I also propose budget options, as well as "full-fat" models that make less of a compromise on performance and features. You can even buy certain models from Apple's Refurbished Mac Store if you want to save some money.

MacBook Air

Don't balk at the word "refurbished. Certainly not.

The best MacBook for every budget

I tend to roll my technology down through the family, which extends the life of our laptops and iPads for several years. But if you do want to buy a student in your family a new MacBook, I think the two options are clear: And, apparently, to use their questions as fodder for Six Colors posts. Support this Site Become a member and get access to a bonus podcast, newsletter, and community.

By Jason Snell July 14, However, if you can work with its low-res screen and prior-generation CPU, the Air is definitely worth considering.

Back to School Buyers Guide: Choosing the best Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro

As usual, the PC fans.. This is the worst laptop which I have used till date as far as the speed and repairs are concerned. If the motherboard goes bad - you have to throw it away as the repair costs more than a new MB Air itself. Why would you get this instead of a chromebook? If you are going to do serious media work you would need a better machine anyway, so chrome is easier on the budget and when it is dropped or lost. This article appears to be written by an Apple fan boy. Chromebooks offer far more value for the money, and are fine for most college students.

The Best For Power Users

Bottom Line The MacBook Air is a good choice for school, as long as you're willing to tolerate its trade-offs. MacBook vs. Air vs.

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MacBook vs Surface Pro - The Best Laptop for Students 2017!