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Diablo 3: This is absoluely insane. I'm trying to find the Mac requirements for the disk image you can download off their site. I know that one's a gig file. Can't find processor requirements for it, though. It's weird. Duanetastic View Profile View Posts.

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Does that include the actual Middle Earth, or possibly uncompressed HD video? This is also one of maybe two Mac games on Steam that require Lion. I'm wondering where you guys are seeing 70 gigs for this?

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I just hit the install button in Steam for it and was greeted by a dialog box informing me it would require 40 gigs, still ridiculously huge. What is puzzling is the beta download on the Turbine site was under 20 gigs. I downloaded that and the game wouldn't even start.

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I'd love to be able to play it on Steam but I just read elsewhere only one server is available to login to??? Bullroarer I think it is? Well, all my toons and my guild are of course on another server. Are Mac users being segregated onto a special server? The download appears to be "only" 40 gigs.

Still ridiculously insanely huge. It says that at the bottom of the game page on Steam under Mac System Requirements. InsidiousTuna Check the system requirements as shown above. DirtyHarry You heard wrong, Mac users play on the same servers as everyone else. Originally posted by Rathshock:.

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I haven't been able to get into the game as well, Bullroarer seems to be the only server at the moment that I can see from, and it says that I don't have the most recent update of the client. Valamar View Profile View Posts.

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The System specs are completely bogus. Even for the PC they claim you only need MB of memory when it has been long known that you need at least 2GB of memory, and preferrably 4GB of memory to avoid most of the major Lag issues. The issue with the download size is a total screw-up by Valve For one thing, the Steam download manager only downloads 29GB worth of "bits. For what it's worth -- the Mac Client from Turbine is a I know i can make a shortcut in steam to the game but, thats not what i want. Question i have is if its wise or not.

Since reading here i notice people are having problems with the steam launcher. Whats your opinion on this. Showing 1 - 15 of 36 comments. It's the same launcher.

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  6. Yeah but, if i get it through steam it would auto update right? Thrugg View Profile View Posts. Yeah i know that. So there is no benefit in getting Lotro through steam then No auto check and update if you dont play for like 5 months. You have to login and so on Fibble View Profile View Posts. Biggest benefit is the steam integration if you want it. And if you have to download you dont have to infect your machine with the pando booster thing that turbine insist on using despite it being a steaming pile of fecal matter. Updates happen after you launch the game so are handled outwith steam.

    Well that's the thing. In the past it didnt matter that much if a game was in or outstide of steam.

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    But, nowadays i got almost all on steam. I had lotro still installed. And now its on steam for a while. So i was thinking of just uninstalling and deleting everything. And just reinstall all through steam. Integration and getting rid of useless background processes. I consider that improvememnts. But, reading on the forum a bit. I notice people are having problems with Lotro through steam.

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    So i thought id ask around a first. Valamar View Profile View Posts. Don't forget you can simply tell Steam about your existing installation. You don't have to re-install. Well now we are going somewhere. Those are some good tips guys. If steam fully recognises my Lotro install then its solved. I mean right now i just have a shortcut in steam to my Lotro client. This works but, its not fully recognised. Links to gamehub or store page So how do i add a game to steam then? Could some one explain that to me.

    Thanx in advance. That is something beyond my Steam experience -- I've only been working with Steam for 48 hours now All I can tell you is -- there are two entries in the Drop-down menu "Games" -- activate a product on Steaam -- add a non-Steam game to my Library. No idea what or how those two entries imply or work, but they should be covered in a Steam FAQ someplace: Ah i see.

    Still new to steam or not, your replies aer apreciated. Im no lifetimer of Lotro. I got in there when it was free to play. And liked the game so bought a horse and some map packs. So activate a product on steam wont work. Add a non steam game does work. But, then you just get a short cut. P Valamar did you get steam to run Lotro? Or have both seperate? Must be some reason you being here on this forum. Im just assuming here. If you did a install of the lotro client through steam.