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Eric Desart, a Belgian acoustican, tells us, that this calculator shows not all eigenfrequencies.

Room dimensions:

Therefore this calculator is not to use for scientific calculations. Amroc - The Room Mode Calculator. In all parts of the audible spectrum there will be room modes, but whether or not they will be appreciable as colorations depend on the following factors: Problems with inhomogeneities through in the spectrum clearly separated natural oscillations arise thus particularly in small rooms and at low frequencies. Eigenoscillations arise not only in rectangular rooms, but also in skew rooms. They can be determined there however no longer as simply as here computed, but must be calculated by numeric procedures.

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An even mode distribution over the frequencies can be reached only by favorable room proportions, especially the eigenfrequencies of different room dimensions should not fall together. Note, because there is often confusion: An antinode in sound pressure pressure antinode is at the same time a node in displacement of the air particles particle displacement node.

Modes to display:

The problem is that it is mostly forgotten to tell the viewer of the figures what they see: You see the level of the sound pressure and not the level of the particle displacement of the air. At the walls you find the maximum sound pressure level antinode.

There is no room correction by setting EQ. The notion of using EQ to fix bad room response is mostly misguided. In some cases EQ can help only "a little bit" to tame modal peaks at the very lowest frequencies. But most low frequency response errors are highly position dependent, and include nulls as deep as 30 dB. So any EQ correction will help only one very specific place in the room, and will by definition make other places worse.

Even a foot away the response can be very different. And EQ does nothing for other acoustic problems like first reflections, flutter echo, modal ringing, and so forth.

You are doing only a "correction of the loudspeaker frequency response" and not a positive "room correction" for all listening places. EQ systems are not normally used to create a perfect inversion of the room's response because a perfect correction would only be valid at the location where it was measured. A few centimeters away the arrival times from various reflections will differ and the inversion will be imperfect.

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The imperfectly corrected signal may end up sounding worse than the uncorrected signal because the acausal filters used in digital room correction may cause pre-echo. Measurement of a loudspeaker in a room and correction by a parametric equalizer. You find here the loudspeaker frequency response correction — and no " room correction ". The time delay between loudspeaker and measuring point is often overlooked.

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An equalization cannot be a substitute for good acoustics. Then, treat your room to deal with these frequencies.

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Bass-trap absorbers in the corners go a long way toward easing problems — since the corners are where all three kinds of resonant waves intersect. So basically most of us will have to deal with an inability to do any room tuning below about hz, and even then, most absorber performance goes downhill quickly below about hz. You can get acoustic insulation from many sources — Acoustimac, ATSacoustics, and many others sell it by the case for a range of prices. Owens Corning and are the default standards, but there are many other manufacturers — IIG, Roxul, John Mansville and Certainteed, for example, all make various acoustic fiberglass and mineral wool products that are comparable and even in some cases, slightly better for some applications.

I could only plug in so many reflectivity coefficients. Senior Engineer Founder and owner of Submersible Studios, Eric enjoys talking about microphones and buying audio software he doesn't especially need. He also spends an awful lot of time with a RTA and a reference mic trying to get the acoustics of the studio juuuust right. Room Mode Calculator.