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The program includes an option for players to create their own themes when playing. Themes typically change the look of the virtual desktop, card borders, text and sometimes avatars.

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Magic Workstation features a built-in sealed deck generator. However, this generator is flawed as players have no way of knowing whether the decks being played were indeed built from the randomly generated cardpool. Thus sites which host MWS limited tournaments make players build their decks online, and use a security code which will change with any contents of the deck.

This precaution helps prevent any dishonest play in a limited game, so long as both players ensure that their opponent's code is valid. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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It was designed to play magic, it was designed to play any tcg that a person can dream up. You feel like making up a tcg featuring robot pirates battiling doctor mcninjas, make it, distribute the sets to your friends, and play it. You want to make up new sets for your favorite tcg, go right ahead, send them to your friends, and play it.

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By switching over to this program, magic-league could hold regular drafts and multiplayer tournaments as well instead of just hosting duals. But it's encrypted on both sides and locked, so hacking the program to cheat is simply not possible. Last edited by Clark Kant; at I'll download it later when I get home and try it out. Also, Momir Basic much?

It should totally support that.

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Team Info-Ninjas: Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy. My Videos: Chiron Beta Prime , Flickr , Re: Your Brains. Originally Posted by Slay. Man Kills Seven at popular gaming tournament, buries in backyard. Originally Posted by Pinder. Is there a Magic module?

I can't read production blogs. I had a hard time finding the program itself.

[Tutorial] How to install MWS on a Mac

The download link is here. I don't know if there's a Magic module yet, but I don't think there is, as this is alpha testing. I'll post my thoughts on it when it's finished downloading And wow. The program, overall, is amazing. It will only let you play a game and at this point only with the blue moon cards , so I can't speak for deck editing, but the program is very, very pretty, and by the looks of it, functional.

One thing I like is that graveyard and library views are of the actual cards, which make it a lot easier to pick certain cards out than the list MWS gives you. Also, targeting is very well done, but it requires you to press the middle mouse button and therefore have one when you could just right click and drag like MWS. A few qualms, though: This isn't really intuitive, as most players especially those who've played with MWS in the past will assume that it draws a single card.

If you click on the playing field, and drag the mouse pointer, it moves everything on the field. You can't select more than one thing at once at least, I couldn't figure out how , and you have to move things individually.

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This is important, because a lot of people will be switching over from MWS if they start using this program, so keeping the things that MWS does well the same will make the transition a lot easier. No one wants to relearn how to do everything they already know. This might just be because I was in a single player game, though.

Overall, though, it's still the Alpha, and if it keeps going this way, it could easily outclass MWS as the premier free online Magic utility.