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Getting to see everyone cheering for you was so welcoming. A lot of the people I met there I ended up becoming good friends with. Leslie Reitz. I actually got to do independent research with professor Jackie Bruscella, and she's one of my greatest mentors here.

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That was one of the moments where it just made me reflect on how much I love my major and my mentors. I call it my defining moment. Benjamin Reynolds.

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One of my most memorable experiences so far was being elected the newest member of the Johnson City Village Board, making me the youngest elected official in Broome County and one of the youngest in the state. Part of what contributed to my success was my age. The professors at Oneonta have been really receptive to the idea of my campaigning and a great resource to talk to about policy and legislation, especially since some of them have backgrounds in campaign work and policy analyst stuff.

Emmanuel Woolard. I was drawn to the campus -- the scenery and how pretty everything was. I wanted to get away from the city atmosphere and was ready for something a little more slow-paced.

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Who wants to see skyscrapers all day when you can have trees and different colored leaves and the change of seasons? Kaitlyn Miller. I have a curatorial internship at the A. Read Science Discovery Center on campus.

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So I basically do a little bit of everything, from designing exhibits and programs to actually doing hands-on things with the children who visit. I was the first anthropology major to work there, so I've been trying to incorporate as much anthropology into the exhibits as possible! Undergraduate Majors. Liberal Arts. Images used for purely decorative purposes i. If the body of the document already contains a sufficiently detailed description in close proximity to the image, the alternative text can simply identify the image so that the reader knows when it is being referred to.

While there are no hard and fast rules for determining what alternative text should say it depends on the image, its context, the intent of the author, etc. The more important an image's content is, the more descriptive the alternative text should be.

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  8. For the MSU wordmark shown in the examples below , "Michigan State University wordmark" would be appropriate for most documents. A graphic design document describing the introduction and use of different branding marks at MSU might require a more detailed description, if the specific formatting of the text would be important to the reader. For charts and graphs, chart type i. For example, a simple chart might have the following alternative text: Fatalities have increased for the last two years. There were fatalities in , in , and in There is no option to add alt text into images in Word and Instead place alternative text before or after the described image.

    Right-click the image you wish to add alternative text to, and select Format picture.

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