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The software is designed to control medium to large lighting installations, for both architectural and live-entertainment situations. The Emulation Pro software is available for download. The pixel mapper contains algorithms for creating 2-dimensional effects and can also render external images and video files. Multiple layers can be used to blend effects into each other or to independently control multiple matrix setups. You can create lighting scenes and dynamic effect and pixel mappings and then easily upload this to the standalone memory in the ART SSC. Also, Emulation Pro will automatically create seamless loops when uploading a dynamic effect, e.

Sunlite Suite 3

External Triggering Your Emulation Pro lighting control system is likely to become integrated amongst systems from other disciplines like audio, video, laser or special effects. Emulation Pro supports many open protocols to allow you to interface other hardware or software. Fixture Library Emulation Pro comes with a large collection of personality files; profiles that describe the DMX traits of the fixtures. Thousands of fixtures are included in this library, and even more different operating modes. Requesting new personality files is easy. Either you post a request on our forum and we make it for you free of charge or you download the eBuilder; our graphical editor for creating and modifying the personalities.

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Share 0. Technical and Artistic. Related Posts. July 31, at October 9, at 6: American DJ: Eurolite TMH thank to exmatrikulator New fixture: Chauvet Cubix 2. As usual though, this version brings also important news regarding specific areas: A Cue List now has 2 separate buttons for playback: When pausing, lights will stay on, and "frozen" exactly where they were, even during a fade in transition. This breaks backward compatibility with external control mapping, cause now you have to map 2 different controls, so you are strongly invited to review your project if you intend to use this version.

ESA Pro 2 lighting control software for DMX interfaces

On the other hand I hope the benefit is clear: With the LED color feedback in mind, I finally implemented global custom feedbacks that can be defined just once in an input profile. They can always be overridden from every VC widget, like before. Again, for flexibility, I decided to split MIDI beat clock start and stop events, so if you're using such feature, please double check your project.

Now a few deployment updates: Windows builds now include Qt 5. The final package size has been reduced by Kb. Mac OSX bundles include Qt 5. This is a huge step forward and the boot time is lighting fast: Notification emails will be sent later today. Fix 4. Balls color thanks to Rob Nieuwenhuizen Fixture updated: Most of it because people don't read the forum guidelines, and don't provide the necessary details for who reads the post to understand the issue and therefore give help. So today I have created 15 new forum categories, trying to guide users to the appropriate section and create some order out of chaos, with the hope to implicitely provide some basic information.

I renamed the huge "Issue, feedbacks and ideas" forum into "Archive" and no more new threads are to be started there. Now please allow me a few remarks. I become nasty when someone clearly ignores them, and then claims to be right when I make them noticing it.

To The Macs: Elation Emulation Provides Mac Users With Affordable, Feature-Rich Lighting Software

Some come to the forum with the answers in their pockets, or saying "I have 30 years of experience" or "I am a project manager". You can even be the Pope, but I truly don't care. The more openness this project has, the more people will abuse it. That's the opinion I ended up having, based on several facts I observed during the years.

There was a time my personal email address was public in this website.


And I had to remove it because people abused it. Quite frequently I receive requests of contact from every corner of the internet, on every possible "social" channel. I receive emails in every language, especially from italian people, who are the first I will ignore. Please stop. We're not mates.

This project is not only me. Use the forum and you will find out that a you will learn the english language and b you will probably find nice people that will help you. In conclusion, the positive aspect of this writing of mine, is that I am upset cause I still care about this project. When I will not care anymore of people's ignorance, most likely this project will be dead. It brings a massive amount of fixes and improvements, thanks mostly to David Garyga, and 48 new fixtures thanks to the awesome work of Robert Box and to all the users who submitted them for review.

There's been also some under the hood changes, to improve the architecture and solve some licensing issues. One example is that this version delivers a brand new version of the integrated web server. This new implementation allows to have multiple websockets running, as well as HTML pages delivery.


We took the chance to add a preliminary web DMX keypad, thanks to Santiago. Regarding that, I hope to be able to provide an update about the development status quite soon.

Phoenix4 The Professional showcontroller software for a laser show. Musikmesse 2012

Fix functions with low intensity killing current fade outs David Garyga Audio Capture: Fix crash when selecting another audio input while a capture is running David Garyga Audio Capture: Fix crash when trying to use a wrongly configured audio input David Garyga Scene Editor: Fix length of fadeout on the preview David Garyga Show Manager: Forbid deleting universes in the middle of the list, this prevents a lot of bugs and crashes David Garyga Simple Desk: OSC Output values range from 0.